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Edward G. Long, MD
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Nederland,, Colorado

Dr. Long completed his Psychiatric Residency at Charity Hospital of Louisiana in 1959 and then trained at the New Orleans Psychoanalytic Training Center. Despite his unorthodox views, he was greatly respected by his peers, his patients, and the communities in which he worked. In 1969 he was honored as a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Through the years he served as Private Practitioner, Mental Health Planner, Medical School Professor, Chief of Psychiatric Inpatient and Emergency Services, Expert Witness, Designer of Programs for Dysfunctional Adults and Children, and finally, Associate Director of Psychiatry for the City and County of Denver.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Chimpanzees Don't Wear Pants -- A Retired Psychiatrist Takes a Second Look at Human Nature
read more
by Edward G. Long, MD ~ 0-7414-0731-0 ©2001
Price: $17.95

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2 .
Sex, Violence, Politics, and God: How They Rule Our Lives
Learn how the wealthy rip us off, how religion steals our souls, how television rots our minds, how street crime protects our politicians, and how it all relates to sex! read more
by Edward G. Long, MD ~ 0-7414-1292-6 ©2002
Price: $16.95

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