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Robert K. Soberman
Philadelphia,, Pennsylvania

Pictured are a couple of antique pioneering (pun intended) rocket scientists. Bob Soberman (left) and Maury Dubin (right) superimposed on the PIONEER 10 launch were among the first to use rockets and satellites for meteor studies. Separately they gained notoriety for creating the first man made meteors. Between expeditions to the arctic, the equator and points between to launch scientific rockets, satellites and deep space probes, Bob taught physics and astronomy at NYU, Northeastern, Drexel and the University of Pennsylvania. Maury spent most of his professional career at NASA headquarters administering aeronomy and astronomy programs that piqued his scientific curiosity.

Selected works by this author:
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Dark Matter Illuminated
Demolishes textbook astronomy by showing it was founded upon an assumption later contravened by the discovery of "dark matter" read more
by Robert K. Soberman ~ 0-7414-0649-7 ©2001
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