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Robert Lesser
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Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Famous Robert Lesser, born on Mars, was the pilot who crashed his meteor-damaged Flying Saucer into the Roswell, New Mexico maternity ward killing 137 human babies and 138 mothers in 1947. Protected by Compassionate Republicans he is now the reporter for the Martian Chronicles and the Mars Edition of the New York Times. Aiding his job, like all Roswell Aliens, he is invisible and walks among us.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Compassionate Republican's Guide To winning the War Against American Women
This book was not written by Robert Lesser. It was recorded secretly word for word. Everything inside really happened! The Speakers say they wrote this book. After all, if you can’t believe Adolph Hitler, O.J. Simpson, Richard Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover, who can you believe? read more
by Robert Lesser ~ 9781495801891 ©2015
Price: $45.95

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2 .
Mein (New) Kampf
I, Adolph Hitler, the real author of this book, am still alive! Every word in this book is the truth! I was there! Buy this book and all of your questions will be answered! read more
by Robert Lesser ~ 9781495800399 ©2015
Price: $48.95

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