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Annie-hannah Mancini
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Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

As an Artist and Holistic Minister, my visual art works and music are integrated into my regular times of meditation and retreat. These aspects provide a balance for my life and a deeper sense of The Creator and my place in Creation.

In my sister’s journals, Barb recounts more than just her life experiences (good and not so good). She implicitly speaks about a Larger God working in her life. Barb clearly articulates that her inspirations and convictions were invested in a deeper truth about herself, her spirituality, and who she knew God “The Universe” to be.

Selected works by this author:
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Nice Ride! The Trip of a Lifetime
Nice Ride is about a life that expresses pain without an inkling of bitterness or a sense of entitlement; and contentment without apology or pride. It’s about a woman who was resolute in trusting that life, in general, was purposed and lived it resolutely and purposefully even through insanely dark times of a misdiagnosis that eventually lead to Stage 4 Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cancer. Ultimately, only one lesson really mattered and serves only to one end: How to embrace opportunities (read: lessons) with a deeper and greater truth about ourselves in a very Large God (The Universe), Who is Love. read more
by Annie-hannah Mancini ~ 9781495802195 ©2015
Price: $9.95

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Next Ride!
On March 31, 2011, when Barb is diagnosed with Stage 4 Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cancer, an outpouring of healing thoughts and prayers emerge through e-mail correspondences from a wide circle of alternative health caretakers, writers and poets, stock brokers and many others. “Next Ride!” chronicles Barb’s gracious acceptance and captivating, inspirational resilience through her terminal illness. Barb surpasses her original prognosis by fifteen months and unabashedly expresses her gratitude, owing it all to the palpable petitions of her “Team Healers.” Her doctors were flummoxed. We witness a miracle. read more
by Annie-hannah Mancini ~ 9781495802201 ©2015
Price: $8.95

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