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William Jenro, Jr.
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Virginia Beach, Virginia

I was only nine when Frank Fiorini Sturgis walked in to my fathers tavern. Dad was a WWII POW survivor and Frank was a CIA mercenary. Today, some claim that Frank Sturgis was one of the guys behind the Grassy Knoll fence. Frank was upset because he had just broken up with his girlfriend. It appears now that his girlfriend was actually Fidel Castro's mistress and Frank's relationship with her had just ended as part of a failed CIA plot to kill Fidel. Frank Sturgis was my cousin and cousin Frank died in 1993. I suppose that through some sort of karmic connection, a Theory of Theories is more of his outpouring than mine.

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A Theory of Theories: The JFK Epilogue
Using only historical givens, this unknown writer appears from nowhere to effortlessly arrange the facts into a revealing overview of the JFK murder. Using obvious stepping stones, he walks the reader along a path of solid truth to a distant vantage point from which he traces only the bright pinpoints. Then, with no stretched imagination, he outlines a constellation of reality for all readers to clearly observe. Provocative and intriguing, his conclusions are difficult to deny. Like a shot of fine brandy, this quick smooth read will provide the warm vibe long needed to finally ease your assassination worn nerves. For the 50th anniversary of this epic tragedy, William Jenro nails it. Finally someone names all the names, dispels the myths, and as squarely as possible, places all the guilt. An interesting explanation that holds an important lesson for voters of today's newly emerging republics, and for voters of today's aging, battle worn republics as well. Chill, it's only a theory ...or is it ? read more
by William Jenro, Jr. ~ 0-7414-9774-3 ©2013
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