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Cynthia E. Shull
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El Dorado Hills, California

One of Cynthia’s first clients (back in 1990) were a couple, both in wheelchairs. She had to design a kitchen for them, but had no idea how. So she went home and prepared dinner in a chair that had casters. She learned a lot about being in a wheel chair and was able to help them. Since that time, she began specializing in bathrooms and has developed a bold new approach to design rooms for anyone with moderate physical limitations, including obesity, being visually impaired, those with amputations, and limitations from having illnesses like diabetes.

Selected works by this author:
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Designing Through the Eyes of a Client
How many of you expect to have a serious change to your life and lifestyle this year? How many expect to have a severe illness or any kind of major accident? The answer is 100% - No One! No one expects to have to suddenly adjust to a new way of living, yet it happens all the time. As we age, the chances of having such a change increases and at some point in our lives, it’s 100% guaranteed! Designing for such unforeseen changes should be part of everyone’s process and this book will tell you how! read more
by Cynthia E. Shull ~ 0-7414-9732-8 ©2013
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