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Jeanne C. Hoff
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Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania

Jeanne C. Hoff is passionate about end-of-life planning and uniquely qualified to write this book because of her cross-over experience in each of the five areas of end-of-life
planning. She has an Associates' Degree and years of experience working in business, finance, and the law. She was a paralegal, business founder/owner/operator, and a
cemetery sales counselor. Jeanne generously shares her knowledge with her readers, who will find guidance and comfort from the tips in this book as they make life choices
between now and then. Jeanne and her husband Bill, and their three cats, live near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

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Between Now and Then
Between now (today) and then (your last day), you will be asked certain questions, for which there are no easy or one-word answers. What do you want your Will to say? What do you want your money to do for you? What arrangements do you want for your funeral? What kinds of treatment do you want in an extreme (terminal) medical situation? Each question requires thought, conversations, and planning. The information in this book will prepare you for those times when you are faced with these and similar questions and when there is no time left for thinking. read more
by Jeanne C. Hoff ~ 0-7414-8495-1 ©2013
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