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Dr. Fahmi K. Bishay
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This book presents twenty short articles written by the author and two by his daughter: Dr. Lara Bishay. The articles are classified into six chapters covering the following subjects, respectively: (i), Art as a Hobby: Seeking Beauty; (ii), Environmental Protection; (iii), Selected World Landmarks; (iv), Sentimental Encounters, (v), The Art of Aging, and (vi), Some Concluding Remarks. The theme that cuts across all the articles in the book is the need to work with love irrespective of the subject, trade, skill, location, space and/or time. Only then shall we be blessed, and only then shall we produce sweet fruits, beauty and outstanding landmarks. read more
by Dr. Fahmi K. Bishay ~ 0-7414-8263-0 ©2013
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