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Ronnie Landis
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Walnut Creek, California

Ronnie Landis is a martial artist, researcher, nutritionist, health lecturer, and peak performance specialist. He has spent his entire teenage and adult life investigating the dynamics of the human body and its relationship to all lifestyle factors. He believes all of life's mysteries can be approximated through moving closer to natures brilliance through nutrition, proper mind set, emotional intelligence, and fully embracing ones unique purpose on this planet.

Selected works by this author:
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The Live It Lifestyle: Dropping Diets Forever
The live it lifestyle is the most intriguing and unique approach to navigating through the cooked up confusion of the diet world. The world of health & nutrition literature is saturated with propaganda, restriction, repackaged information, and ultimately a disconnect from common sense. The information contained in this book is operating in the direction of natures most obvious yet left out piece, raw living plant based and super food nutrition. Everyone has the capacity to shed all the weight, to radically improve their immune system, remove all dis-ease, increase clarity, activate their life purpose while enjoying the process! read more
by Ronnie Landis ~ 0-7414-7300-3 ©2012
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