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Paul D. Dunstan
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Jellico, Tennessee

Paul D. Dunstan was born in Arlington Washington, son of a Congregational Minister. He grew up in Seattle Washington, attending the University of Washington, and while in officer training in the Army Air Corps, the University of Florida.
Mr. Dunstan planned to be and has been an entrepreneur all of his business life (he is now, in December of 2010, 89). He has owned banking, insurance, advertising, heating and air conditioning, consulting, real estate, real estate development, and a number of other business interests.
Reverend Doctor Dunstan did not feel qualified to be his son’s education and business advisor so in the late 1930’s he called upon one of his parishioners, a prominent and very wealthy attorney, to be his son’s advisor. The attorney had seen the crash of 1929 coming, so he sold out of the market in 1928 then began buying a variety of businesses at the bottom of the depression in the early 1930’s. These included a chain of banks, lumber mills, retail stores, etc. Mr. Dunstan learned from the attorney’s experience giving him knowledge beyond his years.
Mr. Dunstan has a strong faith in God. He believes that there is but one God who is worshiped under many names. He believes in the power of prayer that is subject to each person having faith in God and prayer. If people don’t believe, their prayers probably will not work for them.

Selected works by this author:
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The First Tea Party President
At 89, I am convinced that my generation has inexcusably left the world to our children, grandchildren, etc., in such terrible condition that it will take several tremendous changes to make it possible bring the mess back to a positive direction that can turn things around and correct the results of our errors. read more
by Paul D. Dunstan ~ 0-7414-6415-2 ©2011
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