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Joseph M. Heimerl, Ph.D.
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Havre de Grace, Maryland

Over the past 4 decades Dr. Heimerl led a multifaceted professional life, earning a Ph. D. degree in physical-chemistry, next studying the stability of the Martian atmosphere, and then publishing in the fields of: physics and chemistry of the earth’s upper atmosphere, modeling ozone combustion, and muzzle flash chemistry and its suppression. He published a history and a detailed understanding of the physical and chemical mechanisms involved in “Muzzle Flash and Blast”. Subsequently, Dr. Heimerl led a team to develop a low vulnerability, large caliber gun propellant. Then he led a second team to desensitize ammonium nitrate. Further, using well-known mathematical techniques, test-retest visual acuity measurements using a Snellen eye chart can be made more precise by up to a factor of two. This effective Snellen fraction tool is posted on the Salus University web site at: In an effort to improve the general understanding of basic arithmetic, i.e., a knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, and square roots, Dr. Heimerl authored this monograph: Basic Arithmetic & Algebra. A Focused Review, whose focus is the solution to the quadratic equation.

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Basic Arithmetic and Algebra: A Focused Review
Dr. Heimerl, “Papa Joe” to his grandchildren, is convinced he can lead the reader to solutions to the quadratic equation using step-by-step mathematical processes, provided the reader can count to ten. read more
by Joseph M. Heimerl, Ph.D. ~ 0-7414-6012-2 ©2011
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