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A.A. Lanoie
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Madera, California

Arthur A. Lanoie was born in Chicago. Since a child his vivid imagination paved the way for many short stories. His many stories compelled him to become a sci-fi writer. He now lives in California pursuing his dream, with a beautiful wife and four children.

Selected works by this author:
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Kalbolsky’s Lost Artifacts is a small museum, which resides in the uptown area of Chicago.Doctor Kalbolsky and his associate Seth Dobbs, the proprietors of the museum, aide countries from around the world by excavating and restoring their priceless artifacts from the past, in exchange, the museum is consigned with many relics for display, providing a comfortable living. read more
by A.A. Lanoie ~ 0-7414-5943-4 ©
Price: $12.95

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Mind's Eye
Vaguely remembering her grandfather as a child, Pandora Brooks followed in his footsteps by becoming an archaeologist. Doctor Fredrick Kalbolsky, proprietor of “Kalbolsky’s Lost Artifacts,” accepted the task of raising Pandora, after her parents were killed in an automobile accident, until her adulthood. read more
by A.A. Lanoie ~ 0-7414-6224-9 ©2010
Price: $13.95

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