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John Cruppe
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Penfield, New York

Hailing from the icy tundra of Upstate New York, John Cruppe is the co-founder and the co-lead guitarist for the heavy metal band “Fallen Angel.” His process for writing the “Fallen Angel” saga groups works of fiction, graphic arts, and intense musical compositions. When the works are combined, an epic landscape unfolds revealing the life and death struggle of a coma victim who simultaneously faces his ultimate fate within the realms of the damned. Cruppe reveals secrets from the depths of darkness through a series of novels and musical works that will chill even the bravest of souls.

Selected works by this author:
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Fallen Angel: Crawling Out of Hell
Come to where the angels have fallen. See Luke confronted by the minions of the damned. Watch as uncertain choices impact him and his existence well beyond his mortal death. read more
by John Cruppe ~ 0-7414-5988-4 ©2010
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