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Bernie Schwindt
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Walnut, California

Bernie Schwindt has 40 years experience in nuclear, petrochemical, and aerospace industries and is a registered professional control system engineer #1052. He has written a book on analytical instrumentation for BWR and PWR nuclear reactors, while at Beckman Instrument, the world leader in online analytical instrumentation.

Selected works by this author:
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Lost at Sea
The fight for eternal life leads from this face on this shroud to a particle accelerator firing charged atoms into a magnetic field. The field deflects and separates the various carbon atoms by weight. The detector counts individual Carbon 14 atoms to determine the radioactive content (C14) around this face: The radioactive level of C14 shoots up 12% above this cross over point 0 B.C. - 0 A.D. where Christ rises into eternal life and leaves this 14’ photograph behind as proof! To this fight to the death, this hand of death strikes this chalk-board in the face—in the British Museum—where this shroud rises up to 1260-1390”!” Exclamation”!” What does it mean in this radioactive field of science? read more
by Bernie Schwindt ~ 0-7414-5813-6 ©2010
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Star Bright
STAR BRIGHT exposes the Oxford laboratory heads—in a museum—fail to grasp the process measured variable of the accelerator mass spectrometer is the decay of the radioactive Carbon 14 on Christ’s shroud. The photograph of laboratory heads on page?? reveals who speaks to the face of Truth and who mocks Him—with exclamation! read more
by Bernie Schwindt ~ 0-7414-8032-8 ©2013
Price: $9.45

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