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I. C. E.
Jacksonville, Florida

After growing up on a farm in eastern North Carolina’s costal plain, during his college years --- I. C. E. excelled in English, literature, Biblical studies, and Christian Leadership. He has written three books.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Oh How Lovely Christmas Is: Season's Poems from My Heart
Oh How Lovely Christmas Is: Season’s Poems from My Heart is timely. I.C.E., poet and author, shows passion while sharing with readers how precious and loving Christmas is if we show a sharing and caring attitude toward others. read more
by I. C. E. ~ 0-7414-5688-5 ©2009
Price: $8.95

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2 .
Reflections of My Soul: Spiritual and Inspirational Poems
So it is that poet and author, I. C. E. has given you twenty-eight beautiful, enlightening, spiritual and inspirational Poems. I call them tributaries or streams of poetry that tells the story of I. C. E’s life read more
by I. C. E. ~ 0-7414-5790-3 ©2010
Price: $8.95

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3 .
In Honor of God, Country, and Family
In Honor of God, Country, and Family’s most unique feature is: each poem is introduced giving the history and reason for the holiday. Three key turning points in our Nation ensured Americans Independence, preserving the Union, and Civil rights for all Citizens. read more
by I. C. E. ~ 0-7414-6342-3 ©2010
Price: $8.95

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