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Vince Carthane
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Vince  Carthane
St. Petersburg, Florida

Like most of the prophets in the Bible, America’s Prophet, Vince Carthane, does not have lofty credentials.
While in prison in 1999, he became an ordained minister, specializing in hidden wisdom. He also became a certified teacher's assistant in the Florida prison system.

America’s Prophet is available to give seminars on hidden wisdom and share the inspirational and motivational testimonies that helped him mentally survive and spiritually thrive during a 30-year prison “sentence”, which included 5½ years of solitary confinement.

Vince Carthane can be reached through email:

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Aimed at America: Bible Codes That Shoot Down Deceivers
When you see all these parallel patterns, you will discover how the scriptures have been foreseeing the future (Galatians 3:8). There's no other Bible code book like this! read more
by Vince Carthane ~ 0-7414-5619-2 ©2009
Price: $13.95

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2 .
Visions of a Wise Guy or Wise Man?
Unless otherwise noted, each page in this book is to be envisioned or imagined as a separately reported or advertised event. Many of these skits are partially based on real life events or on events that may have actually happened but the participants were too ashamed to admit to anyone. Below each skit is a “Top Comment”, which the author envisioned someone would post on YouTube or Facebook had these events been on a social media site. read more
by Vince Carthane ~ 0-7414-7603-7 ©2012
Price: $9.95

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