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Mark Chapman, Jr.
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Jacksonville, Florida

After growing up on a farm in eastern North Carolina’s costal plain, during his college years --- I. C. E. excelled in English, literature, Biblical studies, and Christian Leadership. He has written three books.

Dr. Mark Chapman, Jr. was raised on a farm in Eastern North Carolina and pursued a Navy career spanning 20 years, retiring a Chief Hospital Corpsman. He holds a B.A. in Psychology, Masters in Counseling, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry degree.

Chapman has worked as a mental health counselor, a school counselor, a hospital chaplain, and has written seven books.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Reflections of My Soul
The study guide is a new, innovative approach to poetry, writing, and literature. We hope the guide will help students and those who love poetry and literature acquire a deeper grasp and insight into writing, reading, and literature. read more
by Mark Chapman, Jr. ~ 0-7414-5687-7 ©2009
Price: $9.95

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2 .
Bible Based Counseling: A Professional Approach to Inner Healing and Personal Growth
Bible-Based Counseling: A Professional Approach to Inner Healing and Personal Growth deals with real life issues that cause pain, conflict, and joy, and impact your life, your health, and your world. read more
by Mark Chapman, Jr. ~ 0-7414-7071-3 ©2012
Price: $10.95

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3 .
The Rise and Greed of Multinational Land Lords -- Billions for the Rich and Pennies for the Poor
Private companies with workers deployed worldwide use cost of living adjustments by country and region. The whole Country needs a living wage. No one can live on minimum wage, instead a living wage! read more
by Mark Chapman, Jr. ~ 9781495809804 ©2016
Price: $9.95

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