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Sylvester Murray
Newport, North Carolina

Chef Sylvester Murray-Sly, to most of his friends-was born and has lived his entire life on the coast of North Carolina. It’s a place of deep history and a place where down home southern cuisine and the traditional fare of the only real Outer Banks, the seafood capital of the South Atlantic, meets and melds.

He’s learned those traditional ways of cooking-southern and coastal-but he’s spent his career concocting and preparing culinary wonders at the Duke University Marine Laboratory, a world- renowned science center which, despite its out-of-the-way locale in the tiny, old seaport and one-time pirate heaven of Beaufort, N.C., attracts students and researchers from the far-flung corners of the world. He’s had to please ‘em all, and has done just that-ask ‘em, please-by incorporating his native know-how and the exotic influences of their homes.

Selected works by this author:
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Down Home Coastal, Exotic, and Traditional Cooking
For a comforting family meal or a festive celebration; for a romantic supper for two or for a grand banquet for forty-two; for a quick feast or an worldly experience; let the recipes in this cookbook help you answer the question “What’s for dinner?” There are recipes for every occasion; some easy to prepare, some gentle on your wallet, others simply delicious. Many let you entertain guests while cooking. And you can depend on the recipes in this book to be the best you can find anywhere, because these are much-requested favorites from around the world. The heritage is vast and unique, and the food is absolutely fabulous! read more
by Sylvester Murray ~ 0-7414-5625-7 ©2009
Price: $29.95

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2 .
Love's Bitter Splendor
Catherine Gideon and Karl Batali fell in love; they viewed their lives as endless, filled with joy and splendor. But since Karl’s untimely death, Catherine had never felt so alone and sad. Then the mysterious Mark Joshin comes into her life…. read more
by Sylvester Murray ~ 0-7414-6001-7 ©2010
Price: $14.95

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