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Dr. Nelly M'mboga
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Waverly, Iowa

The author grew up in Western Kenya, where malnutrition is common but is frequently mistaken for witchcraft and the “evil eye”. As a pediatrician with a research interest in nutrition, she observed a link between “weaning diarrhea” and lactose intolerance. This started her on a nutritional journey spanning over two decades, during which she noted overt disparities in nutritional status among Kenyan communities due to a dietary staple of maize. The author is an advocate for breastfeeding and a critic of environmental degradation, processed foods and modern food technologies that weaken rather than enhance the nutrient content of foods.

Selected works by this author:
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A Healthy You: Tame Africa's Child Malnutrition
The dietary staple of maize contributes to protein malnutrition and lactose intolerance, which, in childhood, lay the foundation for disease. Micronutrients play a significant role in healing diets. read more
by Dr. Nelly M'mboga ~ 0-7414-5271-5 ©2009
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