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Lyden Pendleton
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Dover, New Hampshire

By being 65, Lyden Pendleton has had the distinct advantage of witnessing the growth of modern technology. He grew up in small town New England, received a B.A. in English, spent three years in the Army, had a short career in advertising, and traveled through most of our fifty states. The author’s 1976 heart condition and his love of coin collecting sparked the medical and financial research which became Malignatech. This book represents over twelve years of research into the dark side of technology. It’s a frightening story that threatens to have a tragic ending.

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MALIGNATECH IS HERE! Modern technology has become a monster. Its mindless power (malignatech), fueled by corporate greed and governmental corruption, is destroying our mental and physical health. This monster must be stopped—soon! read more
by Lyden Pendleton ~ 0-7414-5258-8 ©2009
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