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Lisa Ann Porter
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Satellite Beach, Florida

The author, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, currently lives in Florida with her husband, Anthony, and their dog, Dax. Curiosity about the world, and the people in it as a Brownie, caused her to pursue occupations that challenge her to grow on all levels, and to appreciate the flavorful cultures of our world. When not exercising her body or quieting her mind in mediation, she enjoys watching cartoons, old movies, comedies, or escaping into the imagination of one of her favorite authors. When reading, she resembles a cat that just had a good meal…swishing tail and all.

Selected works by this author:
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Secrets, like cadavers in water, never stay buried. Terrified, teenage Lorna flees home. Twenty-five years later the horror finds her. Trapped, can Lorna defeat the fear before it buries her? read more
by Lisa Ann Porter ~ 0-7414-3075-4 ©2008
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