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J.R. Azizollahoff
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Parlin, New Jersey

Joseph Azizollahoff is the author of two bestselling books on oriental rugs, The Illustrated Buyer’s Guide to Oriental Carpets, and Oriental Rugs from A to Z. He has always had a great interest in philosophy, psychology, religion, and meditation. He was deeply involved in Judaism and Christianity, as well as the human potential movement, including psychotherapy, encounter and focus groups, yoga, and cults.

At age 58, while attempting to achieve spiritual solace for a physical ailment, he made the breakthrough on his path to Spirit.

At present, he has an oriental rug brokerage and appraisal service, and works from his home in central New Jersey.

He studied photography and took the photographs that appear in the book.

He may be reached for comments at

Selected works by this author:
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Metaphysical Maxims: Enlightenment Through Meditation & Morals
This book attempts to combine spiritual and moral development into a single, unifying metaphysic, in order to simplify and accelerate the long, and often difficult, path to Peace. read more
by J.R. Azizollahoff ~ 0-7414-4771-1 ©2008
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