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H. E. Jensen
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Onalaska, Wisconsin

Hawk Jensen grew up in rural Wisconsin, second generation of Norwegian immigrants, second oldest child, and oldest son in a family of eleven children. He attended a one room country school, lived in a house without phone, plumbing, or electricity; attended High School in a nearby town, excelling in basketball. Upon graduation joined the United States Marine Corp, spent three years active almost all in Japan and Taiwan; was a member of the Western Division Marine rifle team.

The cold winters in Wisconsin are now spent with his wife Hannah in the Himalayan Mountains in Thailand where he continues to write.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Atsugi Assassins
Oswald and I were Marines in Japan. We were programmed by the MKULTRA a nefarious CIA mind control program. The MKULTRA used us as couriers; Oswald as a Patsy. read more
by H. E. Jensen ~ 0-7414-4077-6 ©2007
Price: $23.95

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2 .
A Day In the Sun
This is Hawk’s second book, following Atsugi Assassins published in 2007. A Day in the Sun tells of nuclear testing hazards at the Atomic Test Site in Nevada. read more
by H. E. Jensen ~ 0-7414-6620-1 ©2011
Price: $14.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

3 .
Twice a Patsy
This is the author’s third book following Atsugi Assassins published in 2007 and A Day in the Sun published in 2011. read more
by H. E. Jensen ~ 9781495808579 ©2015
Price: $13.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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