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Bee Quiet
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Irvington, New Jersey

Bee Quiet grew up like most black men on the urban landscape; surrounded by quick means to securing basic needs, while being taken advantage of by police and other ‘self righteous’ individuals proclaiming decency. He began his writing career in 1996 with the completion of the screenplay, Dirty Mattress (a gothic ghetto love story), and after 10 years on his grind has written 6 scripts and many short stories. His debut novel, Murder Capitol: Horror in the Bonefield, is currently under review with Teri Woods Publishing, but thanks to the independent market he has released the gothic epic Beef and Brocks.

Selected works by this author:
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Beef and Brocks
Beef and Brocks pays homage to the many street lit novels rocking contemporary literature. With a unique blend of horror and gothic styled influences, Beef and Brocks captures the imagination. read more
by Bee Quiet ~ 0-7414-4355-4 ©2007
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