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David L. Browder, DVM
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Gordon, Nebraska

After practicing large animal medicine for 15 years Dr. Browder's body was pretty well shot, so he went to work for the United States Department of Agriculture as a Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer. He had the opportunity to work in many different slaughter and processing plants in Kansas and Nebraska. These included beef, pork, poultry, ratites (ostriches, emues, reas) and equines. Dr. Browder admits he probably wasn't a very good supervisor. He would lots rather work with ranchers and farmers and live animals than union organized government employees and dead animals. After 16 years working for the Government, Dr. Browder retired and now lives in Gordon, Nebraska.

Selected works by this author:
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Worth Remembering
There were probably some anxious moments for the secret service people as Buddy boldly rode up to the grandstand on his buffalo and shook hands with President Kennedy. read more
by David L. Browder, DVM ~ 0-7414-4257-4 ©2007
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About the time I was forced to join the Hitler Youth, there was another 14 year old boy that would also be forced to join. His name was Joseph Ratzinger. Joseph was a typical farm boy from the Bavarian country pretty close to my home near Munich. Joseph was a very staunch Catholic and couldn't tolerate the views of the Nazis. Joseph finally deserted the German Army towards the end of the war and was briefly held as a prisoner of war by the Allies in 1945. Today Joseph Ratzinger is better known as Pope Benedict XVI. read more
by David L. Browder, DVM ~ 0-7414-5143-3 ©2009
Price: $11.95

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