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B. Dale Hansen
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A City in, Utah

An ardent student of ancient scripture and theologies, in May, 2001, traveled to Israel, walking in the footsteps of Jesus, the Apostles and prophets, including Qumran, place of the Dead Sea Scrolls/Pseudepigraphic documents, the Israel Museum and The Shrine of the Book [Dead Sea Scrolls] in Jerusalem, preparatory for this work. Professor in religious studies: in Southern California and Sydney, Australia, at Institutes of Religion and seminaries, authoring courses and teaching/lecturing over 28 years.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Light About God & Man
The use of the word ‘Digest’ comes from the Latin word ‘digesta’, meaning a comprehensive summary arranged according to subject headings. read more
by B. Dale Hansen ~ 0-7414-4144-6 ©2007
Price: $22.95

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2 .
The Destiny of America: The Promised Land
The Destiny of America – Reveals the meaning of America: Her discovery, the Revolution, the Constitution, her destiny, ancient book, Book of Joseph, unearthed and great men of history advise us. read more
by B. Dale Hansen ~ 0-7414-5293-6 ©2009
Price: $16.95

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