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Sedgewick Patton
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Kirkwood, Missouri

The author was raised in a Christian church in a Christian community. He found Christian teachings to be illogical even as small child, but continued to attend Sunday School until a teenager when his teacher proclaimed that all Jews and Buddhists would go to hell because they didn’t accept Jesus as their personal savior. When he challenged this allegation, he was expelled from Sunday School and thus began a life of sin, which he has enjoyed very much, avoiding male deities and revering human females, utilizing an ever evolving eclectic personal philosophy that combines Western Zen and Neo-Paganism.

Selected works by this author:
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12 Reasons Why No Decent, Intelligent Person Should be a Christian Fundamentalist
This powerful essay lists 12 reasons fundamentalists are irrational and cruel. No decent, intelligent person can read this and remain a fundamentalist. Give copies to your fundamentalist relatives and associates. read more
by Sedgewick Patton ~ 0-7414-3902-6 ©2007
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