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Frank Meyer
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Olathe, Colorado

Frank Meyer writes from a variety of life experiences. He grew up on a farm in Illinois, served as a radio intercept operator in the USAF during the Korean War, graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary, and served as a Presbyterian pastor for ten years. Using his thirty years of research into the critical social, economic, and political areas of American culture, he writes with a passion, using the power of drama to apply Biblical insights. His forty-four year marriage to Judith has given them two married sons and three grandchildren. They live in Colorado.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Gun Rites
Gun Rites is a reading adventure that will raise awareness of the importance of your rights under the 2nd Amendment and how guns are a vital rite in American culture. read more
by Frank Meyer ~ 0-7414-3494-6 ©2006
Price: $15.95

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2 .
America's Choice: Tragedy or Triumph
America’s Choice is a dramatization of two possible consequences of choices God is putting before American Christians. One leads to tragedy, the other to triumph. What will be your choice? read more
by Frank Meyer ~ 0-7414-4072-5 ©2007
Price: $18.95

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3 .
Betrayed by Our Own
In this second novel of the Clark Evans trilogy, Clark exposes the betrayal of America by its leaders in the quest to find a friend’s son, a POW/MIA from Vietnam. read more
by Frank Meyer ~ 0-7414-4092-X ©2007
Price: $14.95

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