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Richard D. Baldwin, M.D.
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PO Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

Doctor Baldwin a college and medical school student during the turbulent post WWII years, ruefully regarded the crafty designs of America’s “merchant princes” and their media stooges. Though medicine consumed his time and interest, the obvious schemes of rich men required only slight and skeptical attention to discern their intentional deviltry advancing the eternal class war. (To this day the Taft-Hartley law of 1947, renders labor unions impotent.) After illness forced his retirement in 1994, he contemplated a satirical delineation of the self-seeking types who strut and fret their hour upon the politic-media stage to swindle the public’s taxes.

Selected works by this author:
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The Gibbs' Place Mystery
Greed must outweigh virtue in all corrupt scales of justice, but a cryptic message, key to an ancient treasure, might aid our romantic heroes as they struggle against pervasive evil. read more
by Richard D. Baldwin, M.D. ~ 0-7414-3201-3 ©2006
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