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Edward F. Haas
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Mount Penn,, Pennsylvania

The purpose of my writing these meditations is two-fold. First, it is my sincerest desire that I may inspire and move some lost soul’s heart toward God and recovery. Second is to give all the glory to my God. I count each day of my life, each day sober, each day without a suicidal thought as a testimony of God’s everlasting saving grace. If one person and his or her family can be spared the agony of a suicide, then let that be my outward sign of my inward desire to help in some small way. But let the glory be for the Great Spirit, for without, I surely would have already perished.

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Beyond the Blues: Treating Depression One Day at a Time
This is a remarkable book written with a lot of heart and experience. Recovering addicts agree that preachy text is boring and phony. This is a book written by a guy who is the real deal. Everyone who reads this book becomes a huge fan of author, Ed Haas. read more
by Edward F. Haas ~ 0-7414-0086-3 ©1999
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