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. St. Charles Writers Group
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St. Charles, Illinois

Poets, educators, authors, newspaper columnists, copy writers… this novel is written by 18 members of the St. Charles Writers Group in Illinois. What began as an exercise to learn publishing became a chapter-by-chapter education. Four years. Hundreds of meetings. Occasional heated discussions. Through it all, individual voice, individual style, and a commitment to story were honored. Each author writes with a unique perspective of human emotion and personal interaction. Combined, their talents make this fast moving novel an extraordinary blending of visions.

Selected works by this author:
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Don't Die Mr. Opal: Oklahoma Needs You
Rescued from a burning plane crash, Jim, Alice and Dan travel west to say farewell to Charles, the man who saved them. Their journey becomes a fight to survive. read more
by . St. Charles Writers Group ~ 0-7414-2946-2 ©2006
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