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Cindi Buckley
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Carefree, Arizona

Cindi has had a lifelong awareness of the non-physical worlds. She spent 15 years in the corporate world documenting business processes and teaching businesses how to integrate and use new software packages. It was not until her early 40’s did she finally embrace her awareness and her gifts, talents, and abilities. After exploring different healing modalities, she found that her desire was to help humanity and the earth-sphere by showing the connection between the two. This is done through empowering each individual to heal themselves and to find their own gifts, talents, and abilities.

Selected works by this author:
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Cosmic Unity
Open up to your multi-dimensional selves to find your passion and purpose. Connect to your heart center and ‘All That Is’ and allow your light within to shine through. read more
by Cindi Buckley ~ 0-7414-2803-2 ©2005
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