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Deah Curry, Ph.D. & Steven J. Wells
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Kirkland, Washington

Deah Curry PhD's mission is to help women's spirits dance with power and joy. In her in-person, email, and telephone counseling practice---InnerJourneyWork---she uses intuitive, shamanic, holistic approaches to catalyze deep-self awareness, courageous-self development, and revitalized-self healing.

Steven J Wells's career includes producing events for a cutting-edge gay cultural arts collective, managing a rural food co-operative while homesteading on 40 acres (without a mule), and creating and directing a non-profit healing arts community center in Seattle, WA, where a wide range of transformative experiences were explored by diverse participants

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Healing Presence: Bodily Felt Experiencings of Transpersonal Connection in Naturopathic and …
Subtle tingles, energy moving, radiating warmth. Are these bodily-felt sensations of healing, transformation, and spiritual connection that shift one from suffering to well-being? Innovative studies says YES! read more
by Deah Curry, Ph.D. & Steven J. Wells ~ 0-7414-2639-0 ©2005
Price: $17.95

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2 .
An Organic Inquiry Primer for the Novice Researcher: A Sacred Approach to Disciplined Knowing
What happens when spirituality informs research design? Can prayer, ritual, trance, drumming or dance be used for data gathering and analysis that provide solid research validity? This innovative approach shows how! read more
by Deah Curry, Ph.D. & Steven J. Wells ~ 0-7414-3078-9 ©2006
Price: $15.95

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