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Ray Reed
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Encino, California

Ray Reed was born September 19, 1942, in Wichita, Kansas, and has lived in Encino, California, since 1949. Reed is a graduate of California State University Northridge. He joined the Stan Kenton Orchestra in 1965. Mr. Reed's instruments include the Eb alto, Bb tenor, and Bb soprano saxophones; and the Bb clarinet, C flute, G alto flute, and C piccolo. He has been a first call, highly acclaimed multi instrumentalist for over 40 years. His performing/recording credits include the Stan Kenton, Louis Bellson, Supersax, David Rose, Don Menza, Jack Elliott, Gerald Wilson, Shorty Rogers, Lionel Hampton, Neal Hefti, Bill Holman, Bob Florence, L.A. Neophonic, and other notable orchestras.

Selected works by this author:
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The Saxophone Reed: The Advanced Art of Adjusting Single Reeds
The most comprehensive book on adjusting single reeds to achieve optimum performance. Includes over 200 high tech pages of text, illustrations, professional trade secrets, and a photo gallery. A must own reference for all reed musicians. read more
by Ray Reed ~ 0-7414-2305-7 ©2004
Price: $34.95

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Technical Studies for Jazz Saxophone
It is a popular legend that jazz is an improvisational art form. But most jazz players will tell you that this is not always so. Jazz, like all other music, is comprised of scales, arpeggios, keys, chords, tones, rhythms, forms, and sound effects. All great jazz players have developed immense repositories of musical patterns to use as the moment in a solo evolves. And pieces of these patterns may be strung together in new or old ways to create melodies and phrases. These melodies and phrases may be used as springboards into true improvisational events. This book is a collection of musical patterns for jazz saxophone. Within it there are studies for scales, arpeggios, chord sequences, jazz phrases, and tone rows. When studies like these are thoroughly learned, your mind, your fingers, and your spirit will become as one; and your musical dreams will become true. read more
by Ray Reed ~ 0-7414-8114-6 ©2013
Price: $19.95

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Rubiks Cube in Sixty Seconds* (*Or Less)
The early First Edition of this book was written and copyrighted by Ray Reed in 1981 after working out the basic solution presented herein. Reed continued to refine his work and the illustrations until 2007 when the First Edition was again copyrighted for final publication. Only a few copies of the First Edition were printed for the enjoyment of his friends. Among his last wishes it was Ray’s desire to have this book professionally published for broad commercial distribution as part of his legacy. It is known that Rubik’s Cube has some 43 quintillion combinations or positions which can easily overwhelm and mystify even the most daring puzzle solver or novice. It is also known that Ray Reed did indeed develop these solution techniques independently after some 30 years of working with the cube as a result of his intense interest and fascination. The basic content of this book was written and illustrated by the author and is presented with pride as written without the need for editing by others. All text, illustrations, layout and basic cover design are the original work of the author. It is believed that this book contains some unique and useful techniques, such as lubricating the cube that will lead the cubist to solving this very challenging puzzle in 60 seconds or less. So get a cube, study this book, practice and prepare to amaze your friends and family with your new found genius! read more
by Ray Reed ~ 0-7414-8113-8 ©2013
Price: $17.95

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