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Don F. Smith
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San Diego, California

Author Don F. Smith is a worried middle-class American; a non-expert nobody who suddenly realized that the disunited USA is suffering from a national psychosis, and wondered WHY? Executive heads of nation and state have been installed through non-elective processes. Our House and Senate are under the control of an unprecedented one-party legislative autocracy. Essential domestic programs have been gutted. Wealthiest Americans are relieved of tax obligations. We are engaged in a war without sensible, identifiable plan or purpose. Bully-controlled media fails to inform and enlighten. The strange and shameful events of the last few years leave no doubt we are becoming a nation of nitwits; suffering from suicidal insanity engineered by overbearing millionaire morons. SMITH DISCUSSES PREVIOUSLY UNMENTIONED POSSIBLE CAUSES, AND HOW WE CAN CURE AN AMERICAN EPIDEMIC OF SUICIDAL APATHY.

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The Collapse of Unity, Sanity and Democracy in the USA
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by Don F. Smith ~ 0-7414-2107-0 ©2004
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