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Roldimy Montinar
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Naples, Florida

Since he was 15 years of age, the author had already started his personal studies on psychology, philosophy, business and sociology and had also done some deep studies on poverty in the world and had his own personal experiences. I think it is safe to say that almost every one dreams of getting rich, stay rich and get richer. Most of us want to succeed financially and be debt free. So after years of study and research I wrote this book. Succeed Financially And Be Debt Free provides a lot of key answers for many of our financial questions.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Succeed Financially and Be Debt Free
The roadmap to achieving financial success and be debt free. It is not really how much money you have, but it is how you manage it that counts. read more
by Roldimy Montinar ~ 0-7414-2024-4 ©2004
Price: $9.95

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2 .
A Crime-Free Nation
Many of us have asked ourselves, Is there anything any one of us can do to help with the prevention of crime? Let’s find out how we can. This book has many answers for you. read more
by Roldimy Montinar ~ 0-7414-5329-0 ©2009
Price: $9.95

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