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Edward Namerdy
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Key West, Florida

Edward Namerdy, who still resides in Key West, began writing this sequel, “The Source”, in April of 2004. He continues to travel the spiritual path to enlightenment through his writings. Come join him as you experience “The Source – Finding Your Way Home”. Born in New York, raised in the Washington, DC area. Edward Namerdy is a Route 1 native -- having lived from Bar Harbor, Maine to Key West, Florida, where he resides. His first novella, ANOTHER PLACE IN SPACE, was on the back burner for years, waiting for the right time and place to share his metaphysical insights and mystical philosophies. Ed has spent decades engrossed in Spiritual Study, Cosmic Consciousness and Mental Comprehension with regard to Divine Laws and how man is integrated with these Laws that govern the Universe and beyond. Visit his website;

Selected works by this author:
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Another Place in Space
Experience traveling from Heaven to Earth and ascending to the Astral Plane and beyond. Witness the transition. Share in the journey to ANOTHER PLACE IN SPACE. read more
by Edward Namerdy ~ 0-7414-1976-9 ©2004
Price: $12.95

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2 .
The Source [Finding Your Way Home]
The Source takes the reader, on a Spiritual Journey, traveling through Eternity with several Immortals to numerous “Planes of Existence” described in vivid detail. read more
by Edward Namerdy ~ 0-7414-2633-1 ©2005
Price: $11.95

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