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M. L. Bankert
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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

M. L. Bankert worked as a counselor in both public and alternative schools for adolescents unable to function in traditional settings. Cases ran the gamut from failing grades to horrific abuse. Client concerns were equally diverse at mental health agencies where she was employed. Therefore, the author was surprised to realize that a common core seemed responsible for most difficulties. To further check, she reviewed numerous cases and obtained overwhelming confirmation. Next, she searched professional material for further elaboration. After finding nothing covered from the same overall perspective, she decided to write this book. The author lives with her husband in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and is actively involved with their family and community.

Selected works by this author:
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Living a Role
Don’t know what’s wrong? Experienced school counselor and mental health therapist describes a common denominator responsible for most personal distress. Loaded with concise case examples and solutions. Useful knowledge for all. A must for young adults about to make crucial life decisions! read more
by M. L. Bankert ~ 0-7414-1843-6 ©2004
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