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S. W. Milstein
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Rockville, Maryland

S.W. Milstein was born in Brooklyn N.Y. to Russian immigrant parents. His mother’s fondest dream (not unusual for Jewish mothers of that time) was that her son would become a doctor and play the violin. He eventually did both, but not in that order. € He was raised with a deep appreciation of his old-world roots and with the uniqueness and good fortune of being born in America. At this point he wants to preserve in print, some aspects of his colorful and multilingual heritage.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Mameh-Loush'N 101
The author wishes to present a nostalgic view (in the form of an irreverant college course) of a language for which many have already accepted widely circulated but grossly exaggerated and premature obituaries. read more
by S. W. Milstein ~ 0-7414-1318-3 ©2003
Price: $17.95

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2 .
Elements of Yiedish
read more
by S. W. Milstein ~ 0-7414-1908-4 ©2004
Price: $11.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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