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Lyn Hill
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Ocala, Florida

Lyn Hill, Emeriti Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at Utica College, widow, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother is a happy traveler who enjoys writing, card playing, aquacise and many friends. She is active as teacher, lecturer, editor, and author of: Enduring Spirit, The Politics of Plunder, Some Days I wish I Was a Turtle, Dynamo and Take Another Look.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Enduring Spirit
Facing death and worse, Walks-Far, an Algonquian, and Old-Man of the Temple Mound People, fight to survive many dangers in this fast paced adventure through caves and rivers in the novel Enduring Spirit by Lyn Hill. read more
by Lyn Hill ~ 0-7414-1605-0 ©2003
Price: $16.95

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2 .
The Politics of Plunder: A Viking Tale
Gut wrenching, personal upheaval is when forced, by murder and mayhem, to seek asylum. read more
by Lyn Hill ~ 0-7414-2005-8 ©2004
Price: $15.95

  Average Rating:

3 .
Some Days I Wish I Was a Turtle: Managing Stress and Pain
Had enough of pain and strain? This is a commonsense guide to creating a lifestyle where you can be in charge of seven major stressors and learn how emotions help to modify pain. read more
by Lyn Hill ~ 0-7414-2624-2 ©2005
Price: $15.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

4 .
Dynamo: A Tale of Discovery in Victorian Montreal
read more
by Lyn Hill ~ 0-7414-4089-X ©2007
Price: $12.95

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5 .
Breaking Points
Pummeled by violence and strict social values, lives of two powerful Depression era families become entangled in politics and love as each seeks control of Utica in upstate New York. read more
by Lyn Hill ~ 0-7414-5770-9 ©2010
Price: $17.95

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