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D. L. Scott
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Mapleton, Utah

DL Scott was raised on a homestead in south-central Idaho. As a youth, he was encouraged by his mother to read extensively, with science-fiction and history being his favorite topics. Stimulated with the information opened up to him in the books he read, the long hours of solitude working on the farm allowed his imagination to soar beyond the confines of this home we call planet Earth. A creative writing course in college, followed by years of contemplation, eventually ignited a spark . . . the desire to allow others to experience the places and people he had encountered in his mental travels. He hopes to draw upon the lessons of history, while looking forward to the expansive opportunities of the future.

Selected works by this author:
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Ariondach, The Water Planet
Can the fate of an entire race of people be altered by the dreams of an Empire diplomat? read more
by D. L. Scott ~ 0-7414-1411-2 ©2003
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