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Robert A. Pittman
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Robert A. Pittman is the pen name of a native Vermonter, and former Vermont State Legislator. He is a keen observer of Vermont, its people, its history, its style of humor, and its politics. He is a retired businessman living in a small town in southern Vermont, writing mysteries based on what he has learned about his state over the past several years. He would enjoy hearing from his readers through Infinity Publishing.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Legislative Body
Bill Parker, a member of the Vermont Legislature, is introduced to danger when a death, that isn't what it seems, occurs in the Vermont Statehouse. read more
by Robert A. Pittman ~ 0-7414-1136-9 ©2002
Price: $18.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

2 .
Still Waters
Proving that a killer even exists is the first problem for Bill Parker. Tracking this madman down is another problem that forces Bill to put his own life on the line in Arizona and Colorado, with a climax in Vermont. read more
by Robert A. Pittman ~ 0-7414-1584-4 ©2003
Price: $20.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

3 .
Green Mountain Breakdown
Bill Parker wants to help an old friend who has an idea that seems unimportant. Instead, he finds himself in a world of unhealthy politics and environmental activism that threatens his own safety. A few legendary Vermont characters make Parker's efforts interesting. read more
by Robert A. Pittman ~ 0-7414-2790-7 ©2005
Price: $23.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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