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Searching for the Divine -- Beliefs and Disbeliefs

Kenneth Guyre (Author)

ISBN: 9781495812064 ©2016
Price: $9.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 120 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / General

Do you have questions concerning your beliefs about God, Jesus, The Bible or religion in general? This book may answer your questions in an interesting way.

I decided to write this "thesis" for several reasons. First of all, I need to do this to clarify my own thoughts and reasoning about God, religion, and the church. Secondly, I feel that many Organized Religions, as shown by their declining membership, have serious problems and have gotten away from their founder’s teachings. I am also concerned about the exclusive claims made by most religions and would like to do what I can to promote religious pluralism in our society. I hope by sharing these thoughts with others I can, in some small way, help to change the future.

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