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World Macro-Imaginerring Aquatectures of Earth & Mars

Richard Brook Cathcart (Author)

ISBN: 9781495810077 ©2016
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 6" x 9" , 238 pages
Category/Subject: TECHNOLOGY / General

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As a matter of necessity, Aquatecture’s proponents must incorporate the principals of design that serve human needs in a sustainable way. Astonishing creativity is evidenced by unique mega-projects of great geographical scale and prospective purpose for 21st Century Earth and Mars human populations. R.B. Cathcart optimistically offers a multitude of macro-projects serving essential human needs and wants whilst counseling humanity’s wise stewardship of both terrestrial-type planets. Readers of this timely book will learn to embrace Macro-Imagineering and to guard against deceitful politicians and the sycophantic news and entertainment media that too often rant against Macro-Engineering in its real-world practice! Laced with truthful object-lessons provided by California’s environmental macro-problems, coming climate change-caused regimes in our planet’s Polar Zones, and future exploration and exploitation of a Homo sapiens-settled Mars, R.B. Cathcart brings a unique fresh perspective, and considerable wit, to some basic peacetime macro-problems of human civilization.

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