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Passion Absolute: Radicon's Princess

De' Lure (Author)

ISBN: 9781495809033 ©2015
Price: $23.95
Book Size: 6" x 9" , 396 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / General

This Title is meant for Mature Audiences only. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Carolyn Olivier is growing tired of her monotonous life with her complacent husband. She didn't study hard and receive multiple degrees in college to end up trapped in a sedentary lifestyle. Luckily she catches the eye of her boss, the enigmatic millionaire James Radicon who is every bit as fine as the wine his world famous winery brews. Like every woman who crosses his path Carolyn soon finds herself almost falling for Radicon, even though his sexual preferences are a bit much for her at times. As her other workplace affair with the immature but adorable 20 year old Justin Tolls begins to heat up, Carolyn finds herself in a very compromising position amidst tragic secrets that could end her career and destroy Radicon's business and fortune forever. With damning blood on Carolyn's hands already, and Radicon's wife on her death bed, the millionaire has to decide to either make the beautiful Carolyn disappear or be bonded with her for life. The attraction between them is definite despite the fact they can never truly be together... How do you live and love the wrong person when your heart is eternally engulfed in a passion absolute...

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