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Sarah Jacober (Author)

ISBN: 9781495808920 ©
Price: $9.95
Book Size: 8" x 8" , 0 pages

Squiggy, a little grey squirrel, and his friend Ruffy, share surprising, fun-filled adventures with farm animals and show them how to follow God’s plan for Christian living and finding happiness.

Squiggy is a fat little gray squirrel. He greedily gobbles up corn from a bird feeder. After
a painful tummy ache, he decides it is better to share. Squiggy finds a new friend, Ruffy,
and they go on exciting, fun-filled adventures. They play games with barnyard animals
and help solve their problems of cheating, lying, stealing, hatred, loneliness, and hurt by
replacing them with honesty, contentment, comfort, forgiveness, kindness, and love.
Squiggy shows them how to follow God’s plan for joyful Christian living. Will all of the
animals learn to live happily together?

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