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Rainy Day People: Audio Book

Susan Haley (Author)

ISBN: 1-60031-016-8 ©2007
Price: $39.95
Category/Subject: AUDIO BOOKS
Audio Book

Customer Reviews

  Kudos for Spoken Books Publishing , 08/16/2007
Reviewer: Susan Haley
I am the author of "Rainy Day People" and I don't know if I'm allowed to post a review or not, but I must try. I just want to laud Dave Giorgio and Spoken Books Publishing for the incredible job they did in engineering and mastering a 387 page novel. Not one word was left out. Sonja Lanzener, the reader, was an absolute professional and I must admit, I initially worried about that. The story is wraught with emotion and it would require special attention to capture it. Sonja, not only captured it, she brought the 'story' to life! I almost forget that I wrote it when listening to her. I wish to thank, Dave, who produced and directed, Sonja, and Dave MacNeill, the sound engineer, who all three literally brought my life back to life. Thank you, Susan

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  An Audio that Brings These Characters to Life , 10/20/2007
Reviewer: Lois W. Stern
When viewing a Chuck Close canvas, one needs to step back a bit to appreciate it full essence. Such is the case with the power of this wonderful novel. A riveting story is only part of what makes Rainy Day People such a success. The artistry involved in crafting this work enticed me to move from audio to hard copy, then back to audio once again. Through these dual modalities of sight and sound, I was flooded with the very emotions this author’s words were meant to evoke. All sensibilities were heightened: sight, sound, touch . . . but foremost, the all-to-human feelings surrounding the experiences of love and vulnerability. Susan Haley is one talented writer. Keep an eye on her. I know I will. Lois W. Stern Author of SEX, LIESAND COSMETIC SURGERY

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