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A Hole In My Road

Robert W. Swanson (Author)

ISBN: 1-4958-1502-1 ©2017
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 0 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / General

What do you do when you fall off the pink cloud and hit the pink concrete? An addiction and recovery memoir written by a thirty six year survivor.

A memoir, by a long- term survivor from the progressively fatal illness of alcoholism, this book is written from the trenches of firsthand experience. Interspersed with stories of triumphs and tragedies its purpose is to it keeps the reader aware through its humanistic text of the many facets pertaining to mind altering chemicals while sharing proven recovery techniques..

The authors’ personal and professional observations and proven motivating techniques give meaningful insight into addiction, while providing hope to those affected by this epidemic equal opportunity destroyer.

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Customer Reviews

  Escape is Possible , 04/04/2018
Reviewer: Olive Jackson
The book A Hole in my Road really is “a personal & professional journey of recovery” as it states right on its front cover. It’s a sturdy workman-like little book that pulls no punches on the horrors of alcoholism and drug addiction while offering positive solutions for those still caught in the downward spiral of addictive disease. The author, a man with 37-years of recovery from alcoholism inside the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, also brings to his book some hefty credentials earned in his decades of work as a chemical dependency counselor. The book offers a wealth of personal experience from the author’s own story of finding his way “out of the darkness of alcoholism and drug addiction into the light of recovery.” He has since devoted his time and skills to helping others find their own way to freedom from addiction. This excellent book is another form of his outreach to those bewildered by a loved one’s addiction or for those who, despite their best efforts, remain baffled by their own inability to “control” their drinking. Should you read "A Hole in my Road"? Only if you are a parent concerned about a child’s drinking; the partner of an alcoholic; child of an alcoholic; a judge; police officers; doctor or in the medical profession; employer; teacher; professional working with the elderly; drug and alcohol counselor; social worker; media professional; man or woman in the clergy; “butchers and bakers and candlestick makers” … and ... anyone wondering if they might have an addiction problem. Because - as is sometimes heard in A.A. - “If you think you’ve got a problem with alcohol, you probably have a problem with alcohol.” I live in England and was pleased to join this American author on his journey of recovery, embracing adventures as exotic as his African Safari and skydiving in his 70s along the way. I suggest that anyone can learn with him as he has learned - there is indeed life after addiction, a life beyond one’s wildest dreams.

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  "A well traveled road" for A Hole In My Road , 07/16/2018
Reviewer: Steve B.
A well put together account of one alcoholic's journey through life. Bob S., takes the reader through the promising, sad, tragic and sometimes humorous life of the alcoholic, that not surprisingly, seems to mirror our own. A recommended read for anyone going through recovery, or a family member or friend affected by the alcoholic. As Bob S.says, "The Best Journey is The One Within".

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