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From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa

Karina Ann Betlem (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-7952-4 ©2012
Price: $22.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 254 pages
Category/Subject: COOKING / General

Learn the handed-down secrets of 17 cooks from Colonia Pancho Villa, Mexico as they share their secrets for amazingly good, incredibly easy, and remarkably inexpensive recipes.

FROM THE KITCHENS OF PANCHO VILLA is a cookbook detailing simple Mexican meals as presented by 17 residents of Colonia Pancho Villa, a poor area of Mazatlán, Mexico. Many recipes have been handed-down with minor changes as ingredients evolve. Some recipes were born of necessity to provide superior flavor at minimum cost.

Today's economic climate requires that cooks begin to learn the secrets of how these people have fed their families on a minimal budget for generations. The recipes are simple, inexpensive and often only 15-30 minutes to prepare. The techniques are described in detail for cooks and non-cooks alike.

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Customer Reviews

  Great Book! , 11/17/2012
Reviewer: Carlos Santiago
A cookbook I can finally use on a daily basis, the recipes are fast and I don't have to spend a lot of money or time in the kitchen. Each recipe either has a story or description so I can decide whether to cook it or not. I love just reading the introductions to each recipe. She adds humor and real life to Mexican cooking. The cooks in the book are inspirations themselves and I enjoy reading their stories too. I am thrilled with this book, and making it part of my Christmas gift giving. Thanks Karina!

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  At last authentic Mexican recipes! , 12/08/2012
Reviewer: Al Harris
It was a long time coming but at last here's an authentic Mexican cookbook that's easy to follow and most enjoyable due to the author's excellent hints and tips, her injections of humor and the background stories for each of the recipes. It's actually a lot of fun to just sit down and read...! When was the last time you heard that said about a cookbook...?

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  Fantastic Cookbook , 12/22/2012
Reviewer: Dee W
This is a great cookbook with easy to follow recipes. The author went to great length to provide insight as to the background of each cook who provided their recipes and the hardships they have faced in their lives. This cookbook would make a lovely gift. I highly recommend it.

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  Excellent book , 01/01/2013
Reviewer: Evita
a good cookbook and an inspiring read.

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  Outstanding , 01/14/2013
Reviewer: Ray V.
With “From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa,” Karina Ann Betlem has created a totally unique, very entertaining book that is described as a cookbook, but is so much more. The author is American-born but has lived in Mexico with her family for the past three years in a place called Colonia Francisco Villa, commonly known as Pancho Villa. After sampling the incredibly tasty meals of the area, she had the interesting idea to approach seventeen residents (all outstanding cooks) of Pancho Villa and pick their brains for authentic Mexican recipes that have been handed down for generations. Each section begins with an entertaining biography of the cook, followed by several of their best recipes. The recipes are set forth in easy-to-understand language that even a not very talented cook like the writer of this review can understand. You can almost taste the great flavor of the beef/chicken/seafood dishes and mouth-watering desserts as you read over the recipes. Best of all, the ingredients are inexpensive but nutritious items that can be easily found in any supermarket, including those in America. Some of my favorite recipes are special shrimp in garlic sauce, beef with coke (with the ingredients including potatoes, olives, chiles, black pepper, carrots, and Coca-Cola!), and a dessert called Mango Snow. In addition to the recipes, the author’s positive personality, friendship with the locals, and love for the area and its food shine through. And there are even many pictures of the smiling cooks in their kitchens, as well as some of the town, that give this book its own special flavor. An outstanding effort. I recommend it most highly.

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  Amazing! , 01/31/2013
Reviewer: Leslie Altamos
What an amazing cookbook!! The recipes are so easy to follow and most everything can be purchased within the States. I love that Karina has included tidbits about each of her featured cooks, herself, and her own family. It makes you feel as though you were in the kitchen with them when they made each of their creations and as she wrote. I have discovered that for everything I have tried, they do come out the way that I think they should. There isn't any of that second guessing like most of us have to do when we try something from somewhere and think 'ewww is it suppose to do that'? Not here. Awesome recipes. Awesome stories. Awesome author! Can hardly wait for the next one! Thank you Karina, for taking me along on your journey through Mexico and Mexican cooking!

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  Wonderful! , 02/17/2013
Reviewer: Sal
For anyone who appreciates authenticity, this is the book for you! This book is a pure joy to read. I was so excited when I received it I couldn't put it down, and have used it so many times already! There is always something new I want to try. For those nights I want to get creative in the kitchen, this is the first cook book I turn to.

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  Wow! , 04/07/2013
Reviewer: Cooking Diva
I have just about every cookbook imaginable and so of course, I needed to buy this one. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When I got the book, the cover was beautiful, so I started flipping through it. I didn't get very far and decided I needed to start at the beginning. I read it all afternoon, forgetting I needed to prepare dinner for my family. I had read a recipe earlier called Chicken with Slices of Mushrooms and since I had all those ingredients (actually not many ingredients at all) I decided to test it out. Karina said it was easy, fast and I wanted to give it a try to see if that was really true. Well, it WAS! My family devoured the chicken and I have earmarked it to make again soon. Most cookbooks are about just the recipes, but From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa is also about the people. I felt as if I was getting to know these cooks that she obviously cares very deeply for. Their individual stories are inspiring and many times humorous. I will no longer use my pressure cooker without thinking of the lid embedded in the ceiling! As I said before, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, well, I will tell you. I keep this book in my kitchen and I will not be happy until I have made every recipe in it! I am going to give this cookbook to everyone on my birthday list this year, and if they don't already have it on their own, my Christmas list too. Thank you Karina for one of the best cookbooks in my collection - I will use it well.

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