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How Divorce Saved My Life

Alex W. Bering (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-7217-1 ©2012
Price: $10.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 116 pages
Category/Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General

Many people have the dream of falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after. You often get married to complete yourself. I didn’t get married to get divorced, no one does. This is my story of how divorce saved my life.

Divorce led me down the path of love, pain, and depression. I could never have imagined the emotional turmoil I would experience when I considered filing for divorce. It takes two to get married and one to say I’m done. Re-live the story through “my eyes” of how I struggled to survive my unhealthy marriage. What happens when you hit “rock bottom” and everything you worked so hard for is gone?
In the end, divorce can teach us all something. If a relationship fails we owe it to ourselves to find out exactly why it failed. It’s not always you that may be the cause of the failed relationship.

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Customer Reviews

  captivating , 01/27/2012
Reviewer: Jesse
Have you ever wondered how people make it through difficult times without losing their sanity? Take a detailed journey of the author's difficulties though his marriage and divorce. Once you pick up this book you will not be able to stop reading till the ending. Maybe after a year or so a follow up book may be in order.

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  I could relate , 02/03/2012
Reviewer: Mary
I read Alex's book in 2 hours. I could not put it down! I also went through a very painful divorce after a long term marriage. I know all to well the pain and heartache it does to you! One of the best things you can do it talk about what you went through and be honest about it! I felt the pain in Alex's words as if it was yesterday! I am proud of him for beibg able to share what he went through! I recommend that all read this book!!

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